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To create a friendly social Corporation for people to share knowledge and have fun.


Through the SUBZER0, we are attempting to provide a meeting point for EVE players, who want to participate in EVE-wide events, but do not want to get involved in the 'politics' of big corporations. Any pilot may apply regardless of age, experience or size.

Goals & Objectives

First and foremost, the reason for the formation of the corporation is to help pilots in EVE make new friends and to create new business opportunities. Secondly to insure the general prosperity, welfare, and security of all corporation members. Piracy and Extortion within SUBZER0 will NOT be tolerated.
  • Provide a 'Mutual Protection Pact' status for all corporation members. All SUBZER0 members agree to provide military assistance to defend all other SUBZER0 members from ANY aggression.
  • Provide an economic package for SUBZER0 members. All SUBZER0 members are encouraged to provide discounts and preferential treatment to fellow corporation members.
  • Provide a community that will help share resources among each other.
Code of Conduct

Treat other EVE players with respect. NO smack talk!
We are trying to build a good reputation in the EVE Universe so please act your age

Remember that we are a team so please treat other members as you would expect to be treated by them. We are in this together and together we are stronger.

Please abide by all treaties and agreements negotiated by the SUBZER0 leaders and diplomats. We want to get a reputation as a corporation who keeps their word.

Membership Requirements:
  • Applying pilots must be ANTI-PIRATE and not engage in pirate activities.
  • All pilots that join SUBZER0 must agree to abide by this charter.
  • All applications must be approved by the SUBZER0 leadership.

Forums: The forums are SUBZER0’s main communication channel. There are 4 levels of access which are as follows.....
  • Guest - Read only access to the public boards.
  • Registered User - Read and write access to the public boards.
  • SUBZER0 - Full forum access
  • SUBZER0 Admin - Full forum access plus access to the Admin Room

In-game chat channels:
SUBZER0 Public which is our public channel used for recruitment.
Corp channel for general Corporation chat.

Voice Coms:
SUBZER0 will have a Teamspeak3 server . Access details are available on the SUBZER0 forums to Corporation Members.

NOTE: Corp mail is to be used for important information only and is NOT for general chat. Please use the forum for this.

Representation & Voting

If you have any ideas, suggestions or grievances with the Corporation then please go through the right channels to make sure things get dealt with correctly. First you must contact your corporation Director and he/she will have the responsibility of bringing the matter to the attention of the corporation leadership.

Rules of Engagement V0.1

SUBZER0 are a non-aggressive corporation but will and must defend itself. With this in mind, the following rules of engagement have been written to try and avoid any diplomatic situations...

1. A strict NRDS (Not Red Don’t Shoot) rule will be enforced in Empire and Low-sec systems.
In nullsec (0.0) space we run an NBSI (Not Blue Shoot It) policy.

2. Pilots are expected to be aware of our diplomatic relations at all times. Please check our relationships regularly (corp tab > alliance tab > relationships). If you encounter a corporation member breaking these rules (on either side), please inform the SUBZER0 leadership ASAP so we can deal with the situation.

3. NEUTRALS - This group currently has no standings with SUBZER0. Proceed with caution. If you see any signs of hostility (verbal or physical attacks), engage and eliminate. In the case of suspicious behaviour (targeting without firing, scouting, or anything else which does not directly harm us but can be taken as hostile), warn them in local that they are provoking a response, give enough time to stop, and then engage if they fail to do so. If seen in a non-combat ship or any ship that isn't deemed a threat, you're allowed to use diplomacy and/or scare tactics to encourage them to leave, firing on them only if they become hostile. In other words, you can ask them to leave, but don't force them... as long as they're not hostile.

4. Travel through 0.0 is at your own risk, random engagements are to be expected. Pilots are advised to travel with suitable escorts when travelling to 0.0 locations.

5. NO communication with the target is permitted. Before, during or after combat. Unless giving a warning to leave as in rule 3.

6. Pilots are also reminded that when in the field they are representing not only themselves but also SUBZER0 and should act accordingly. This is one of responsibilities of being a member of the SUBZER0.

During war time this is obviously rescinded with regards to the enemy.

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